The Village 101 was but a seed of an idea back in June, that has since taken root. The first of this ever-evolving series was held in Redmond, at Aliko & Haazel's favorite coffeeshop -- this cozy mystical place called Soulfood Coffeehouse & FairTrade Emporium -- seems fitting huh? 

Opening the night, Hannah Elledge set the context for the talks to come. With an intro activity to bring our values to forefront of our analysis, we walked through a discussion of how human actualization theory is aligning with our material world. We looked closely at the despair within the local housing market, and then illuminated some hopeful and inspiring social trends conjured from reports published by interweb giants, like Facebook, that point to the active rise in human consciousness happening NOW across the country, and presumably the WORLD! 

Next up, we heard from ex-military scientist, permie and wilderness educator, Chris Case. He illuminated some fascinating 

science highlighting the power of our conscious minds on the material world around us. As a scientist turned spiritualist, Chris shared his unique lens for understanding the mysteries of the universe around us. His brilliant mind, and layered poetry share had an ineffable impact. 

Next, we had a panel of eco-thinkers and doers! Featuring; Jamie O. (Founder of Earthship Seattle), Serina Holstrom and Denise Hendrikson (with EcoThrive Housing), Aaron Sauerhoff and Melissa Rasmussen (of The Village Building Team) and Lesa McIntyre (of GreenWorks). We were able to hear first hand the numerous approaches our community is taking to address some of our toughest challenges. They shared with us resources, ideas, and heartfelt stories. 

To close the night, Orion Black shared with us his personal story of healing and dreams of stewarding an intentional radically regenerative eco-village on his 5-acre plot of land.  

Twas a sweet night of inspiration and connection. Thank you to all who shared this night with us. 

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Missed the event? Check out some of the info from Hannah's presentation!

Consumption: Reflections on a Culture Shift

June 8, 2018

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