5 Ways to Boost Your Website + Social Media SEO

October 19, 2017





1. Hashtags! 


Hashtags are a great way for your content to be found. When people search for keywords and your content appears, the engagement on your content can lead to more follows, likes, and leads. You can hashtag on almost all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So get to it!



2.  Alt Tags!


Tagging your photos and content on your website will increase your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). To tag your website content, go to your editor, select your content, and there will be a place either on the bar that appears when you have selected your item, or on the right hand side of the page. Here you can plug in keywords about what your photo or text is about, and watch your SEO increase! If you are not sure how to plug in Alt tags, a quick Google search on your website platform will inform you.




3. Google AdWords 


Bid on where your website ranks in a Google Search! Google AdWords takes about 10 minuets to set up, and can increase your SEO results tenfold. To start, simply go to Google and search AdWords. 



4. Update or Republish Content 


If some of your content has been sitting there for more than 6 months to a year or more, feel free to repost it, update it, or republish it. As time goes on you acquire new traffic, who will want to engage with your old but still valuable content. 



5. Button Optimization


Use buttons that link throughout your blog or website to specific destinations. "Click here" has no relevant keywords and decreases your SEO. Label the button with the specified destination that it is taking you to. For example, if a button takes you to fill out a form, label the button “Fill out ______ form here”. This also gives your audience a clear call to action.




These small actions can do a lot to improve your SEO. If you do not have a long-term strategy or are just starting out and need more guidance...


Book a free 45-minute strategy session here




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