Consciousness is Catching On!

October 4, 2018




I popped into Facebook IQ today, and found some interesting information that I thought ya'll would like to know. Facebook closely monitors our conversations and determines which topics are trending, and they spit out a report each month... so I copy and pasted a few of them here, so you don't have to sift through it all. ;) When you are reading, think of the associated and related topics as potential keywords, hashtags, or campaign concepts in your marketing strategy. 


FB calls these reports "Topics to Watch" and says "Topics to Watch are conversation topics that have shown early growth patterns similar to previous topics with long-term growth (such as kale). Because the conversations around Topics to Watch mirror the volume, variance and measures of past conversations that have shown long-term growth, we predict Topics to Watch will continue to grow in the future."






Third Eye


A concept in Eastern religious and spiritual traditions, the third eye is considered a gateway to spiritual awareness. It’s often associated with ajna, a chakra, or energy center, between the brows. People believe this chakra affects how they perceive and interact with the world, and when it’s blocked, it’s said to produce a range of physical and mental symptoms. Through meditation and other mindfulness-based exercises, people can attempt to open this chakra and achieve a more enlightened and balanced state. People continue to embrace meditation and yoga, but they’re also diving into other Eastern concepts, in search of peace and purpose.


Associated Topics: Chakras, Higher Consciousness, Ajna, Pineal Gland, Kundalini, Consciousness, Spirituality, Meditation, Brain, Soul 


Related Topics: Introspection, Chakra, Meditation



Conversation Volume



Who's Driving the Conversation







Wu Wei


It may seem counterintuitive, but wu wei posits that people can actually achieve more by doing less. This Taoist philosophy encourages people to slow down and be mindful, living their lives more naturally, authentically and effortlessly. And as people search for productivity hacks, wu wei proves to be an interesting new tactic. By letting go of expectations and intensive effort, people believe they find increased creativity and calm. Ancient wisdom seems to have a newfound appeal, as wu wei and other practices promise to boost productivity, and help people stay balanced throughout the process.


Associated Topics: Lao Tzu, Taoism, Tao Te Ching, Zen, Alan Watts


Related Topics: Yin Yoga



Conversation Volume





Who's Driving the Conversation











A simple positive statement may have more power than you think. Affirmations are intended to help people develop higher self-esteem and boost their moods over time. Some people even believe that repeating positive statements will manifest positive outcomes in life. And new apps are helping people make positivity a habit, as they listen to pre-recorded affirmations at set times during the day. In recent years, people have embraced mobile apps and fitness trackers that support their physical health, but the next movement in health tech may be mental and mindfulness-based.


Associated Topics: New Thought, Personal Life, Positive Mental Attitude, Law of Attraction, Optimism, Belief, Spirituality, New Age, Gratitude


Related Topics: Wu Wei, Introspection, Meditation



Conversation Volume




Who's Driving the Conversation



Source: Based on Facebook data, US only








So, those of us who are innovators and early adopters, may be completely unsurprised by this data... But for some of us, this information can be a welcome validation of our own experiences or informative of some things to give a little more of our attention and awareness to. One reason I find this information particularly helpful is that is can help us inform our advertising campaigns. It is helpful to know that affirmations are a great content staple if your brand is looking to resonate more deeply with 65+ year old women... and if you are focusing more on masculine people age 25-34, incorporating some third-eye chakra content into your content strategy will yield you more resonance. 


With that said, if your business is not dedicated to being a conscious business, I would be wary of capitalizing on these trends in a superficial way. If you spout off Wu Wei philosophy on your social media, but have a company culture that is entirely antithetical, you will effectively be shooting your business in the foot. With the transparency possible in today's social media crazed world, you want to ensure your marketing campaigns are truly reflective and authentic to your company or brand. 


What other trends do you predict Facebook will notice rising within our connected digital consciousness? 










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