Aliko made this video to promote the Village 3 -- footage is from the Village 2.0! 

A sacred night for shifting the consciousness of the world.

The Village 2.0 was a massive success that touched upon the villages within all of us, and the villages outside of us. The evening began with Matt Strombom conveying his experiences living in the biggest eco-village in the world, Oroville India. He concluded that even if an outer village is an oasis, the struggle between individuals still exists and that's where inner village work plays a huge role in the success of individuals and communities. To hear more about Matt's talk subscribe to our podcast, The Village Mixtape.


Matt was followed by mother and natural builder Bridget Louise Currey, who gave an in-depth overview on community and cob building: the benefits, the how-tos, and the final products. A knowledgeable and strong woman, she shared her experiences being a single mother in community and how community support enables her to be incredibly successful with her and her beautiful baby Orion.


After some authentic relating among our assembled community, Morgan Bierscheinks took the stage and pretty much blew all our minds with examples and photos of bio ceramic architecture and how geometry affects consciousness. An inexplicable talk, that you must hear for yourself, available on episode 2 of The Village Mixtape for those that missed it.


After a deep heartfelt presentation on homelessness, community, green and natural building by Melissa Rasmussen and Aaron Sauerhoff, the audience took a dive sharing their personal transformational stories and dreams for our community.


Below you can find many ways to get involved, keep up to date, and attend more consciousness shifting, community development events. The night concluded with an amazing acoustic set by local musicians FeverTribe who brought us through their music along a journey through an eco-village of our dreams. The evening ended with their prayer song "No-wall" and an organic moment of silence and peace.

A night to remember for the rest of our lives, or at least until The Village 3.

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